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Mary LaCoste Profilet Couillard
July 7, 1869 – June 24, 1940

All Souls Day 2015

Quegles, Couillard, Profilet, Ferguson, and Sanguinetti Families

Joseph Quegles was born in Pollanza, Majorca, Spain in 1775 and immigrated to New Orleans, La. where he met and married Louise Melanie Adam who was born in 1788. Their daughter, Melanie Frances Quegles was born in 1812. She married Louis Emile Profilet, (b.1801) on Feb. 1, 1830. Their son, Louis Emile, Jr. was born in 1834, they resided at 508 Washington Street, a home that is now owned by Mr. & Mrs Robin Punches. Mr. Profilet founded an elegant jewelry store, was a diamond merchant and was well known for his silver creations.

Louis Emile, Jr. studied medicine and was a resident at the Charity Hospital in New Orleans, La. from April 1859 to April 1861. He then came to Natchez and practiced until May 1862, when he entered the Confederate Army as assistant surgeon. In July the same year he was appointed Surgeon General and until close of the war. He was in charge of hospitals at Jackson and Shubata, Ms and Cahaba, Al,. After the war he returned to Natchez to practice his profession and was chief health officer of the county.

Louis Emile was married on April 30, 1867 to Miss Eliza (Lizzie) Ferguson Sims of Woodville, Ms. They had nine children: Mary LaCoste, (from whom my husband, Sonny is descended), Louis Emile, Jr., Thomas Sims, Joseph Ingles, William Shields, Charles Armand, Clarence Julienne, Melanie Therese, Ethel Louise. They made their home at Liberty Hall, the home located at the corner of State and Martin Luther King Streets. This home is now occupied by Gregg and Lisa Whitam. Greg is the son of Mary Profilet Sanguinetti Whitam. This home was bequested to his wife, Eliza, by Mrs. LaCoste at the death of Eliza's (Lizzie) sister, Ellen Sims.

Dr. Profilet died at Natchez on Dec. 12, 1898.

Lithograph on stone - St. Mary Cathedral