All Souls Day 2014 Monsignor Daniel J. O’Beirne, V.G.

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    The 1861 church announcement reads: ”...the congregation gathered at the old Catholic cemetery, chanted vespers for the dead, processed to the new section reciting the litany of the saints, and then blessed the cross in the new section...”

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    The cross bearer leads the procession of local parishioners to Catholic Hill.

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    Praying the Rosary, the procession approaches Catholic Hill.

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  • Jeanne O’Beirne and James O’Beirne with Mary O’Beirne Williams pose for a photograph on Catholic Hill.

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  • James O’Beirne seated next to Mary O’Beirne Williams, reads the biographical timeline of Msgr. Daniel J. O’Beirne

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    Members of the Msgr. Daniel J. O’Beirne family pose in front of the Celtic Cross on Catholic Hill.

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    Father David O’Connor with members of the O’Beirne family.

Photos by Patricia Murphy
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Celtic Cross

On the introductory page VIII, Bishop R. O. Gerow has this to say about the Monsignor’s contribution to Cradle Days of St. Mary’s at Natchez, 1798-1888. First, and above all, acknowledgment is made of the fine work of Rt. Rev. Msgr. D. J. O’Beirne, the Diocesan Chancellor, who has spent much time and toil with the author in the work of minutely card-indexing the Diocesan Archives and the material contained in them. Without this labor, such a story as is here presented could not have been told.

Born Carrick on Shannon, Roscommon, Ireland June 29; parents are John O’Beirne and Mary Morris
Ordained in St. Patrick’s Seminary, Carlow, Ireland, as a diocesan priest for Mississippi
Arrived at St. Paul’s Church, Vicksburg
Appointed pastor of St. Michael’s Church, Biloxi Mississippi.
Suffered tragic accident by a trolley car resulting in the loss of both feet (not generally known)

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Monsignor Daniel J. O’Beirne, V.G.
We think of you, we pray for you.

Appointed Diocesan Chancellor. Private accommodations were built onto the rear of the Episcopal Residence for him.
Assisted Bishop R. O. Gerow with research and established a card index on the history of the diocese. O’Beirne family moved to Natchez from New York.
January 31, His investiture as Monsignor at St. Mary Cathedral
Publication of Cradle Days of St. Mary’s at Natchez, 1798-1888
Returned to Vicksburg as pastor of St. Paul’s Church
January 17, Appointed Protonotary Apostolic by Pope Pius XII
...he had the heartbreaking decision to demolish old St. Paul’s which had been mortally wounded in the tornado of 1953,and built a new St. Paul’s. (Quoted from Vicksburg Post, April 7, 1960)
Resigned as pastor and retired to the Alexian Brothers Rest Home, Tennessee.
Died April 5, 1960, Alexian Brothers Rest Home, Signal Mountain, Tennessee. Buried, 8 April, in Vicksburg, church lot, Cedar Hill Cemetery

Survived by nieces & nephews:
Mary Williams, Daniel, Eileen Clayton, James, Margaret Williams, Thomas, Michael, Patricia Rogers, and Noreen Bozeman.

Timeline compiled by James E. Guercio
For St. Mary Basilica, Natchez
By St. Mary Basilica Archives
November 2, 2014

Lithograph on stone - St. Mary Cathedral