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All Souls Day 2018

Litany of Souls

St. Mary Basilica and Assumption of B.V.M.

Due to inclement weather, the annual All Souls Day Rosary Procession, which is normally held at the Natchez City Cemetery, was held inside St. Mary Basilica. A replica of the original holy card depicting St. Maria Goretti listing the relics of saints in the marble alter stone of St. Mary Cathedral was given to participants.

Joe Fortunato
Lewie Sandel
Billy Dale
Dick Dollar
Edwidge Mead
Jimmy O’Brien
Henry LeBlanc
Ester Schaifer

Bill Lambert
Catherine Willard
Leona Carter
Robert Barret
Ferdie Passbach
Mary Warren
Jacqueline James

Barbara Aucoin
Freda Stallone
Adam Bradley
Alma Campbell
Sonny Sanguinetti
Betty Verucchi
Richard Logan, Sr
Augustine Verucchi

We think of you. We pray for you.

Lithograph on stone - St. Mary Cathedral